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A Wide Array of English Events!

We work provide our students with many opportunities to experience English

At Knock Knock English, we hold many events throughout the year. We also hold the following four annual events jointly with Knock Knock Preschool: Spring Party・Summer Party・Halloween Party・Christmas Party.

Additionally, we will sometimes hold a Just 4 Funday, featuring English activities. Through our activities such as Halloween, watercolor painting, crafting, watching movies, and cooking, our students are encouraged to feel closer to English.

Planned Events

Application is required to participate in our events.

UPCOMING EVENTS Available to Applications
5月 Spring Party KKE・KKP 生徒 / 一般 Cancelled
7月 Summer Party KKE・KKP 生徒 / 一般 Cancelled
8月 Summer School KKP 生徒 終了
10月 Halloween Party KKE・KKP 生徒 / 一般 Cancelled
3月 Spring School KKP 生徒 Cancelled

* KKE: Knock Knock English / KKP: Knock Knock Preschool
* In addition to the above, we also hold Just 4 Fundays / Movie Day on an irregular basis.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

We are currently not holding an event. Please look forward to our next event!

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Before enrollment, free trials, interviews, and tours of the facility are available. First, please apply for a free trial.