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A Wide Array of English Events!

We work provide our students with many opportunities to experience English

At Knock Knock English, we hold many events throughout the year. We also hold the following four annual events jointly with Knock Knock Preschool: Spring Party・Summer Party・Halloween Party・Christmas Party.

Additionally, we will sometimes hold a Just 4 Funday, featuring English activities. Through our activities such as Halloween, watercolor painting, crafting, watching movies, and cooking, our students are encouraged to feel closer to English.

Planned Events

Application is required to participate in our events.

2024/5/26 (Sun) Let's have fun at Roka-Koen Park ! Apply Now
随時体験レッスンを開催しております。ご希望のコースと日程をご連絡ください。 ASE(総合英語) / 会話クラス / 英検対策 / 学習支援 Apply Now
2024/7/30(Tue) - 8/2 (Fri) , 2024/8/6(Tue) - 9 (Fri) SUMMER SCHOOL 2024 / World Discovery In Preparation
Session 1: 2024/7/24 (Wed) - 7/26 (Fri), 29 (Mon) , Session 2: 2024/7/30 (Tue) - 8/2 (Fri), Session 3: 2024/8/5 (Mon) - 8/9 (Fri) Kids Summer School 2024 In Preparation
2024/10/27 (Sun) 12:00-15:00 Halloween Party 2024 In Preparation
2024/12/22 (Sun) Chiristmas Party 2024 In Preparation

* KKE: Knock Knock English / KKP: Knock Knock Preschool
* In addition to the above, we also hold Just 4 Fundays / Movie Day on an irregular basis.

Knock Knock Spring Party
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Let's have fun at Roka-Koen Park !

Date:2024/5/26 (Sun)

Let's play at Roka-Koen Park. We will have activities such as Tug of War, Eye of the Typhoon, Bubble Play, Tail Tag and Bass Toss.
After the party, you can eat lunch at the park.

Registration will open on Friday, May 10, 2024 at 12:00 pm.
Please apply from the application button.

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English Lesson ~春の無料体験のご案内~
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ASE(総合英語) / 会話クラス / 英検対策 / 学習支援


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