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Native Speaker Discount

So our students may gain confidence and enjoy speaking in English

In order to provide an environment where students may confidently learn to enjoy speaking English, Knock Knock Preschool has enacted the following scholarship systems.


For students that have one or both native English speaker parents, have a high English speaking ability, and are determined to have a positive impact on classmates, we offer a Native Speaker Student discount at our school.

Selection Standard

  • He/she communicates with his/her family in English at home and can communicate with our English speaking native teachers without any problem.
  • One parent is from an English speaking country and is a native English speaker.
  • His/her English speaking ability is a good influence on his/her classmates.
  • He/she has been enrolled for more than one month.
Eligibility Regular / Full course students
Discounts 30% discount on program fees
Discount Cancellation We may cancel the discount if your children do not meet the conditions. (Excluding teaching materials and extension fees, etc.)

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Before enrollment, free trials, interviews, and tours of the facility are available. First, please apply for a free trial.