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Elementary school 1st to 3rd grade: 2024/7/24(Wed) - 8/9(Fri) : 13 Days English Summer School 2024 - for Kids -

Monday, June 24, 2024, 12:00 - Reservations open

Apply from the TEL(03-5799-9924) or email(Contact form).

Summer School in English 2024

Destination and ticket arrangements are complete!
Learn and think in English during the summer vacation!

Destination and tickets have been arranged! We will spend the summer vacation period thinking in English and learning independently. In this summer school, we will challenge ourselves to "plan", "research", "prepare" and "execute" activities.

The day before, everyone researches how to get there and information about the destination in English to prepare for the next day's adventure. Working together with foreign instructors, let's venture out to various places as a team.

This is a 13-day program, and you can participate in each session. Lots of fun and games are also provided to make sure you have a great time.

  • Active learning. learning independently in English
  • Outdoor activity once every two days

Summer School Information

Elementary school 1st to 3rd grade
Total of 13 days
Session 1: 2024/7/24(Wed) - 7/26(Fri), 7/29(Mon)
Session 2: 2024/7/30(Tue) - 8/2 (Fri)
Session 3: 2024/8/5(Mon) - 8/9 (Fri)
Current students
Non-attending Kids
English Level:
Kids who are interested in English
Apply per session
Seijo School
Class time:
Preparation DAY:
9:30 - 16:00
* Free Option: 16:00-17:00 / Study Support
Activity Day:
9:00 - 18:00
Yes (per session)
  • Please note that this program will be conducted in English, and we may not accept applications from those who have never studied English at all.
  • Registration is required for each session.
  • Students who use the transportation service cannot specify the time of arrival and departure from school.
  • Please note that students may be dismissed later depending on activities.
  • Outdoor Activities Lunch not included
  • Food for outdoor activities will be purchased on site. Please consult with us in advance if you have any allergies.

Summer School Schedule

Date Activity
Session 1 7/24 (Wed) Preparation DAY
Students will think about different design elements and research trends and concepts in preparation for designing their own graphics
7/25 (Thu) Summer Activity
Surutoco Screen Printing
7/26 (Fri) Preparation DAY
Learn about Digital Art and how artists can use technology to express abstract concepts. Students use technology to create digital art pieces.
7/29 (Mon) Summer Activity
teamLab Planets
/ Interactive Art Exhibit
Date Activity
Session 2 7/30 (Tue) Preparation DAY
Investigate hidden stories and trivia about Disney. Read the map of Disney Park, manage time schedules, and select the attractions they want to visit in advance.
7/31 (Wed) Summer Activity
Tokyo Disneyland
8/1 (Thu) Preparation DAY
Learn about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and environmental changes and how they affect us globally.
8/2 (Fri) Summer Activity
National Museum of Nature and Science
Date Activity
Session 3 8/5 (Mon) Preparation DAY
Learn about Nutrition and food groups. They plan, organize, and create a notebook/ menu.
8/6 (Tue) Summer Activity
Yokohama Beach Park BBQ
8/7 (Wed) Preparation DAY
Learn about the ocean and discover what animals are living in the deep. Students present their findings as a group.
8/8 (Thu) Summer Activity
8/9 (Fri) Summer Activity
LEGOLAND Discovery Center

*Contents and schedule are subject to change due to weather and other reasons.

Daily Schedule

Preparation Day・Active learning
9:30 - 10:00 Arrival & Free play / Homeroom
/ Homework support
10:00 - 11:45 Active learning
Review of the previous day's activities
Announcement of tomorrow's activities
How to get to the site
Find out what you can do there
11:45 - 12:45 Lunch & Play Time
12:45 - 13:30 Active learning
Activity Planning
13:30 - 14:00 Water Time
14:00 - 14:15 Snack Time
14:15 - 15:30 Workbook
/Arithmetic and English vocabulary drills
15:30 - 16:00 Homeroom / Goodbye Time
16:00 - 17:00
(Study Support)
We provide study support
forstudents’ homework.
We also provide rea ding
and math practice.
Summer Activity
8:00 - 9:00 Arrival & Free play / Homeroom
10:00 Departing
- 15:00 Summer Activity
- 18:00 Arrival at school
Homeroom / Goodbye Time

Monday, June 24, 2024, 12:00 - Reservations open

Apply from the TEL(03-5799-9924) or email(Contact form).

What is Active learning?

英語で行う アクティブラーニング(Active learning)

A method of teaching and learning designed to encourage students to actively, rather than passively, engage in their own learning. Through group discussions, debates, and group work, students develop cognitive, ethical, and social abilities, culture, knowledge, and experience.

The role of the faculty member is not that of an instructor (lecturer), but that of a facilitator, who assists the discussion process from a neutral standpoint.

In Knock Knock's summer school, the destination and time are decided by the teacher, but the students "plan," "research," "prepare," and "execute" the progress. Students develop a sense of responsibility and independence by making their own plans and engaging in actual activities.

Summer School Tuition

The Summer school tuition below includes "activity fee," "entrance fee (ticket)," and "transportation". It does not include the cost of buying souvenirs or meals at the site. (Please give your child some spending money)

Dates Currently Enrolled・Term 2 Students Non-Attending Kids
Session 1 7/24(Wed) - 7/26(Fri), 7/29(Mon)
/ 4 days
¥49,500 ¥57,200
Session 2 7/30(Tue) - 8/2 (Fri)
/ 4 days
¥63,800 ¥73,700
Session 3 8/5(Mon) - 8/9 (Fri)
/ 5 days
¥55,000 ¥63,800
  • You must register for each session. No refunds will be given for missed sessions.
  • Students who will join us in Term 2 (starting from 2024/8/19~9/6) may participate at the same rate as current students.

Packaged Price /Full 13 Days

Students who attend our summer school program in full may participate at a discounted rate.

Currently Enrolled・Term 2 Students Non-Attending Kids
Packaged Price
Full 13 Days
¥150,000 ¥172,500
  • This is for students who attend for a full 13 days. Please note that there are no refunds or ticket refunds for the 13-day package due to absence.
  • Students who will join us in Term 2 (starting from 2024/8/19~9/6) may participate at the same rate as current students.

Other (optional)


Round-trip home transportation can be requested.

Currently Enrolled・Term 2 Students Non-Attending Kids
/per Session
¥6,000 ¥9,000
  • One-way transportation is also available at the same rate.
  • You can apply for each Session. (Session 1, 2, 3 are the same price)
  • Students who will join us in Term 2 (starting from 2024/8/19~9/6) may participate at the same rate as current students.

Summer School 2024

■ About the Program Details

  • Summer school will be held at Seijo School.
  • Children with allergies should consult with us before registering.
  • Please note that late arrivals and early departures are not allowed on activity days. Please note that if your child fails to arrive at the school by school time, he/she will be automatically canceled for the day.
  • 「Preparation Day」A packed lunch is required.
  • 「Activity Day」Student must bring their own lunch. Please give your child money to spend on snacks and/or gifts.
  • Contents and schedules are subject to change due to weather and other reasons.
  • If the applicant or program participant engages in an act that violates general morals or ethics or is illegal, and the Company determines that the applicant or program participant is not suitable for participating in the program.

■ How to Apply

■ Non-Attending Kids

  • Students who will join us in Term 2 (starting from 2024/8/19~9/6) may participate at the same rate as current students.

■ Transportation Service

  • Individual transportation service can be requested on a session-by-session basis. Please contact us for details.

■ What to bring on the day

  • Water bottle
  • Preparation DAY: Lunch box or packed lunch(On non-outdoor days, please bring a sports towel and a change of clothes.)
  • Actvity DAY: Lunch box or lunch money, spending money

■ Payment

  • After receiving the invoice, please pay by bank transfer or in cash at the head office.

■ Cancellation of Reservations

  • No refund will be made for cancellations made after 17:00, Friday, July 12, 2024. Change of Reservations

■ Change of Reservations

  • If you wish to change your reserved date or program, please cancel your reservation and then reapply.

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Kids Summer School 2024

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Kids Summer School 2024

Date: Session 1: 2024/7/24 (Wed) - 7/26 (Fri), 29 (Mon) , Session 2: 2024/7/30 (Tue) - 8/2 (Fri), Session 3: 2024/8/5 (Mon) - 8/9 (Fri)

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