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1 Year of Learning and GrowthMonthly Theme and Education Topics

Every month, Knock Knock Preschool sets different themes and goals based on childcare and education goals.

Monthly Theme for September 2021

Chitofuna, Seijo
Place Professions

Education Topics for September 2021

Chitofuna, Seijo
Disaster awareness

2-3 Years Old:
Emergency drills at different times in the day. Remembering what to do when we hear the alarm.
Counting between 1 and 10 objects without counting past the correct number.

4-5 Years Old:
Beginning to find compromise and use words to overcome problems without aggression.

Monthly Songs for September 2021

The Wheels On The Bus

楽しみながらプログラムを進行 楽しみながらプログラムを進行

Students will learn new and different vocabulary every month with our monthly themes, while being encouraged to have fun and enjoy our programs.

Our themes are expressed using flashcards, games, songs, picture books, and more. By using many different teaching materials for each theme, our students are intellectually stimulated and motivated to learn.

Month Theme
Apr, 2021Bugs, plants and nature.
May, 2021Colors and shapes
Jun, 2021The parts of body Emotions
Jul, 2021Our world / Space / Ocean / Beach
Aug, 2021Our world / Space / Ocean / Beach
Sep, 2021Place Professions
Oct, 2021Halloween
Nov, 2021Food
Dec, 2021Christmas At home
Jan, 2022Weather and clothing Morning, day and night
Feb, 2022Valentines day Family members Cultures and diversity
Mar, 2022Land, underground, water and sky animals
それぞれの発達に見合った形で保育指導 それぞれの発達に見合った形で保育指導

Through our Education Topics, students are engaged in various activities to help them become independent and capable of taking care of themselves.

Month Topics
Apr, 2021Routine
May, 2021Manners
Jun, 2021Every day skills
Jul, 2021Challenge
Aug, 2021Don't give up
Sep, 2021Disaster awareness
Oct, 2021Thinking of others
Nov, 2021Sharing
Dec, 2021Responsibilities
Jan, 2022Think by yourself
Feb, 2022Problem solving
Mar, 2022Do it yourself

* Education Topics do not differ between schools

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