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How to ApplyEnrollment Process

We, Knock Knock Preschool, have the following application process to work closely with parents & guardians to build trusts. Free trial and preschool interview are for us to ensure HOW and WHAT we can do the best for our new students.

  • Step. 1① Request a Free Trial
    We welcome you and your child to come in for a free trial. Feel free to observe the facility and class to see if our school best suits your child.
  • Step. 2② Set Up the Date for Preschool Interview
    On the NEXT 2-3 BUSINESS DAY, our Head office will contact you with the available dates for your preschool interview.
  • Step. 3③ Preschool Interview
    Our licensed childcare worker conducts a preschool interview to ask about your child, such as any concerns that you have for your child and his/her behavior at home. “KKP Childcare Guideline” will also be covered during the preschool interview.
  • Step. 4④ Notice of Acceptance of Application
    On the next 2-3 BUSINESS DAY, our Head office will contact you to notify you of acceptance.
  • Step. 5➄ Preparation to Start
    We will provide you with a set of documents necessary for enrollment.
  • Step. 6⑥ First Day of School
    We welcome you to Knock Knock Preschool!
How do we request a Free Trial?

Please apply by submitting this form. (Free Trial Requested Date needs to be on our School Day)

Apply for a FREE TRIAL

How long does it take to start (First Day of School) after Free Trial?

It takes 2 weeks or possibly a little longer for the entire application process.

Do we need to pass the Preschool Interview to be enrolled in Knock Knock Preschool?

Yes, Notice of Acceptance of Application will be the next business day of the Preschool Interview.

Contact Us?

Before enrollment, free trials, interviews, and tours of the facility are available. First, please apply for a free trial.