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TransportationTransportation Service

We offer a transportation service for students that are commuting to our school. As we do not outsource transportation, all transportation is handled personally by Knock Knock’s transportation staff. We also offer an English environment during transportation so our students may warm up their English communication skills before class!

Knock Knock offers the following 3 types of transportation to our students

  • Depending on our transportation route, we may be unable to transport your child to or from their desired school.
  • Depending on the day of the week or other circumstances, we may not be able to provide transportation to areas within our regular zone of operation.
  • We do not accept requests for transportation routes or transportation times

The red boundary shows Knock Knock’s area of operation for transportation

We offer a transportation service between our school and our student’s homes, kindergartens, preschools, or elementary schools.

1 day /wk 2 days /wk 3 days /wk 4 days /wk 5 days /wk
Roundtrip ¥5,200 ¥10,400 ¥15,600 ¥20,800 ¥26,000
One-way ¥3,400 ¥6,800 ¥10,200 ¥13,600 ¥17,000
  • Desired transportation location must be within our area of operation
  • We must have space for your child in our transportation route for each day
  • Students must follow our transportation rules
  • Parents/guardians must be able to come to the designated drop-off or pick-up area at the designated time

We offer transportation directly to and from kindergartens, elementary schools, and nursery schools.
If you wish to request transportation to a school that is not listed below, please contact us.

Buddy Sports ・Kunimoto Gakuen ・Jotoku Kindergarten・Enkoin Kindergarten ・Komae Mizuho Kindergarten ・Others

Elementary Schools
Sakuragaoka Elementary School・Sasahara Elementary School・Sakura Elementary School・Yamano Elementary School・Kibogaoka Elementary School・Kyodo Elementary School・Tsukado Elementary School・Chitose Elementary School・Funabashi Elementary School・Soshigaya Elementary School・Kitami Elementary School・Meisei Elementary School・Akatsutsumi Elementary School・Yoga Elementary School・Komae Dairoku Elementary School・Roka Elementary School・Others

Nursery Schools
Eclair Nursery・Hidamari Nursery・Sakuranouta Nursery・Kitami Nursery・Sakuranosono Nursery・Kibogaoka Nursery・Global Kids Komae Nursery・Mominoki Nursery・Sukoyaka-en Kujira・ Kyodo Nursery・Komaimachi Minna no Ie・Koume Nursery・Roka Nursery・First Classroom・Others

We offer a free shuttle service between our Chitose-Funabashi and Seijo schools. Depending on your child’s age and English level, our head office may notify you about taking our shuttle to our other branch for your child’s lessons.

Free Shuttle Service
One way / Round-trip Free of charge
Available to
Only students of our schools may use our shuttle service

Day/time availability:
Our head office will notify you about which shuttle time matches your contracted class times.

Our transportation team provides a transfer assistant service for Knock Knock English students and Knock Knock Preschool children. The transportation assistant will accompany children from their home or nursery school/kindergarten/elementary school to their other lessons (swimming, abacus, calligraphy, etc.), and at the end of the lesson, accompanies the child from the classroom to their home.
※ For more details please contact our head office.

Our students former students
Driver only One-way ¥5,500 /month¥5,720 /month
Driver with Support Staff One-way ¥7,480 /month¥7,700 /month
  • Transportation Assistant Fees: per week with tax
Available to
Our students or former students

Day availability
Knock Knock English / Preschool’s business days

Time availability
Afternoon hours. (Between 3:30 pm and 5:30 pm, there are relatively fewer students using our transportation service than during other hours, so we may have more available spaces.)

Monthly Contract (Contract will be based on number of days per week)

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Before enrollment, free trials, interviews, and tours of the facility are available. First, please apply for a free trial.