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Knock Knock Preschool is an English preschool run by Eastman World Inc.

Eastman World was founded in 1999 as a company specializing in Hawaiian study abroad programs. Primarily promoting learning, Eastman currently operates English conversation schools in Japan as well as overseas study programs in Hawaii. In addition to offering unique education programs that leverage each department’s expertise, we also strive to offer a wide range of programs by holding collaborations between our company’s departments, as well as between our affiliated schools and associated companies.

Our Family

Kids English School

Children’s English School
Knock Knock English

Knock Knock English offers an English education suited to each child’s age, and aims to draw out each student’s potential to grow and improve. Our goal is to steadily improve our student’s English abilities with our English conversation teaching curriculum, available to children of all ages.

English Preschool

English Preschool
Knock Knock Preschool

Knock Knock Preschool offers an English curriculum for children that are 2 years old to elementary school age. At Knock Knock Preschool, we strive to teach children real, usable English beyond what students could learn from books.

Study Abroad in Hawaii

Study Abroad in Hawaii
Eastman Hawaii

Supporting over 500 students yearly, Eastman Hawaii is one of Japan’s best Hawaiian study abroad specialist companies. Our study abroad counsellors all have experience either living or studying abroad in Hawaii. Students have a variety of options, including short term study, or formal enrollment in Hawaiian university for long term studies.

Language School In Hawaii IIE Hawaii

Language School In Hawaii
IIE Hawaii
Institute of Intensive English

IIE Hawaii offers English study courses in Waikiki for students 17 years old and up. Additionally, during summer vacation IIE offers programs for elementary to high school students, which many children from Japan participate in every year. Adult’s English Conversation School

Adult’s English School Setagaya English

Adult’s English School
Setagaya English

Setagaya English is an English conversation course for adults offered by Knock Knock English. From group lessons to private lessons, we aim to support our adult learners in their English studies.

Our Friends

Super Simple Learning

Super Simple Learning

Super Simple Learning develops catchy and easy to teach learning materials, such as our Super Simple Songs series, and aims to get children moving and having fun while learning. Our teaching materials at Super Simple Learning are currently being used not only in Japan, but also in over 100 countries worldwide. ※ Super Simple Learning split from Knock Knock in 2009

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Before enrollment, free trials, interviews, and tours of the facility are available. First, please apply for a free trial.