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About Our Preschool Programs

Knock Knock Preschool offers programs every week from Monday to Friday. In our preschool programs, children will have more time than in short length English classes and will be able to do outdoor activities and exercise, as well as positively partake in activities related to Japanese culture and customs while being engaged and cared for in an English environment.

Our curriculum is based on a student attendance of 3-5 times a week, and we set new monthly themes and education topics every month.

Foreign Teachers+Support StaffForeign Teachers+Support Staff

Foreign Teachers+Support Staff

Spend time in English with our foreign teachers and support staff! Our goal at Knock Knock is to help children learn English safely, comfortably and efficiently. Our support staff are all certified child caretakers, and we strive to maintain our high quality childcare programs.

The same way native speakers acquire English, students in our courses will naturally learn real English used in everyday conversations and obtain usable English that will be indispensable to our students in the future.

Our school offers an English education suited to each child’s age. In order to draw out each student’s potential to grow and improve at each age, our classes and schools are organized by age.

Our experienced childcare staff will support children of each age group so that they can concentrate on learning with friends of the same age group.

Additionally, we offer a free shuttle bus service between our schools, so students may be dropped off at the school nearest to them.

C Chitose-Funabashi S Seijo

RegularFull Day After Kinder English Time
2 years old C C - C
3 years old CSC * Conditional -
Nensho grade CS CS CS -
Nenchu grade S S S -
Nencho grade S S S -
  • Conditional: Children may join our After Kinder classes at three years old if they meet certain requirements.
年間スケジュール 芋ほり

Our new school term begins in April.
Our first semester is from April to August, our second semester is from late August to early December, and our third semester is from early January to late March. Students may also join mid-semester.

Term 14/8/2024 - 7/23/2024

Term 28/19/2024 - 12/23/2024

Term 31/9/2025 - 3/24/2025

Learn with our independently developed textbooks

Outside of commercially available textbooks, we use textbooks independently developed by our teachers according to the content of our lessons. We have developed our textbooks that are easy to use, accessible to young children, and help students to think imaginatively and have various types of conversations, so that they may have fun while learning with our instructors!

ノックノックで誕生した Super Simple Learning

Perhaps you’ve seen it once on YouTube, or maybe you’ve heard their songs - Super Simple Learning, formerly part of Knock Knock, is a prominent part of our preschool curriculum!

Knock Knock English’s instructors were once troubled with the the issue of finding high quality teaching materials that were easy to use, easy to learn with, and suitable for young children and infants. After searching and searching, we still couldn’t find the perfect materials for our students. Therefore, Knock Knock’s instructors set out to make their own curriculum and started Super Simple Learning. Super Simple Learning, which originated from Knock Knock, is now transmitted on YouTube and viewed worldwide.

Our preschool classes frequently use videos from Super Simple Learning in order to help students efficiently obtain knowledge of vocabulary, English sentence structure, and common phrases through music. Combining gestures and dances, students are encouraged to naturally learn English while having fun and singing.

※ Super Simple Learning split from Knock Knock in 2009.

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Before enrollment, free trials, interviews, and tours of the facility are available. First, please apply for a free trial.