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Our Programs

Our goal is to provide an English education suited to each child's age, and to draw out each child’s potential to grow and improve at that time.

Knock Knock Preschool is an English preschool for children from 2 years old, operated by Knock Knock English. Students may participate in Knock Knock English programs before entering and after graduating from Knock Knock preschool to continue their English studies.

Knock Knock Preschol クラス一覧

Preschool Programs

A preschool program with childcare in English.
Our students learn and absorb natural English pronunciation and real English expressions through the use of English during everyday life.

A full day English course

Full Day / 8.5 Hours

A full day English course. This course aims to have our students using their own words and developing their ability to speak and communicate in English.

  • Age 2 - Nencho grade
  • 9:30~18:00
  • 3 days+ /wk
Students naturally acquire English

Regular Course / 4.5 Hours

Students naturally acquire English through a full-length English course. Our goal is to nurture students who can communicate smoothly in English.

  • Age 2 - Nencho grade
  • 9:30~14:00
  • 3 days+ /wk
A fun after school English class for children attending kindergarten or daycare

After Kinder / 2.5 Hours

A fun after school English class for children attending kindergarten or daycare. In this class, we aim to help our students increase their English communicative abilities.

  • Age 3 - Nencho grade
  • 15:30~18:00
  • 1 day+ /wk
Baby English Time

English Time / Baby Class

This class aims to broaden children’s interest towards English through music, dance, and play. Parents and children attend together. Setagaya Child Raising Tickets (せたがや子育て利用券) may be used.

  • 0〜2 years old
  • 40 mins. 1 day+ /wk

Other Programs

Before entering Knock Knock Preschool, or after graduation from our programs Learn English through our children's English classes at Knock Knock English

International After School

International After School

Students will dramatically improve their English skills at Knock Knock's after school program. Monday-Friday, up to 5 days a week, students can attend whenever they want.

  • 1st to 3rd grade of elementary school
  • Mon.-Fri.: 15:30-18:00
After School English

After School English

Our After School English course helps students break past any early setbacks and enjoy learning English. An intensive after school English program for elementary to high school students.

  • Elementary to high school students
  • 100 mins. 1 day+ /wk
Online Private English

Online Private Lessons

Online lesson plans are made according to student level and study goals. Online Private Lessons offer practical classes available from home!

  • Elementary school students ~ Seniors
  • 25 mins. / 1 Lesson
Adult Class

Adult Class

Adult group lessons that cover everyday speech and include basic textbook lessons.

  • College students and older
  • 50 mins. 1 day+ /wk

Study Abroad

Through our study abroad department (Eastman Hawaii), we provide support to students that wish to study abroad in Hawaii from preschool to college entrance.
Students in preschool may also attend our affiliated preschool in Hawaii for a trial experience.

Preschool in Hawaii

Preschool in Hawaii

Students may attend trial preschool classes in Hawaii. Preschools are carefully selected by our study abroad department.

  • Contact us for more info.
  • Contact us for more info.
Hawaii Summer School

Hawaii Summer School

Practice the English you’ve learned in Hawaii Summer School, with over 200 students from across the world.

  • 6〜16 years old
  • 1 week〜
iie hawaii English School

IIE Hawaii

Students from age 17 may study abroad at IIE Hawaii. Study length may range from short-term studies of 1 week to long term studies of 1 year or more.

  • 17 years or older
  • 1 week〜
Hawaii University

Hawaii University

Students that wish to attend a Hawaiian college, such as Kapiolani Community College (KKC) may feel free to contact us for more information.

  • Contact us for more info.
  • Contact us for more info.

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