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1st grade - 3rd grade After School in a high-level environmentInternational After School 15:30~ 18:00

Learn high-level English in an English Only environment

Students will dramatically improve their English skills at Knock Knock's after school program. Monday-Friday, up to 5 days a week, students can attend whenever they want.

International After School is from 1st grade to 3rd grade. Students can enjoy and learn English under the high-level guidance of foreign teachers in a safe and relaxed environment.

Students can maintain the English they have acquired and gain more advanced English skills from a wide range of fields, such as sports and programming.

  • English proficiency test before enrollment
  • Connection to junior high school entrance exams; preparation for studying abroad in junior high or high school
  • Develop advanced English skills
  • Programming, learning drills, music, and other lessons in English
  • Cultivate students to be active on the international stage

Course Information

1st grade to 3rd grade of elementary school
Mon. - Fri.
15:30 - 18:00
One Class
Foreign Teachers / Bilingual Teachers

Class Curriculum

Everyday / International After School


Homework support for elementary school students: English calculation drills and vocabulary drills are used to make daily learning a habit.

English Lessons / International After School

English Lessons

Students take advanced lessons on English as well as International Manners, Conversation and Pronunciation.
In the Japanese instructor's class, students will learn to obtain EIKEN and understand more advanced English through explanations in Japanese. In the foreign instructor's class, students will improve their speaking, listening, and other conversational and practical skills.

ICT / International After School


Learn general ICT (Information and Communications Technology) education: programming, typing practice, and how to use various software.

Sports / International After School


Learn the importance of following rules and teamwork through sports such as soccer, basketball, and baseball.

Music / International After School


Learn rhythm and English pronunciation so that you can sing English songs, play the piano and other musical instruments, etc.

Fun Day / International After School

Fun Day

In addition to science, art, and seasonal events, we will have special programs that will expose students to the topical events of the day. Popular elementary school lessons will also be incorporated from time to time.

International After School Admission Requirements

International After School is an English-only school with a year-round curriculum taught by foreign teachers. We will check your child's English ability and maturity level prior to enrollment.

  • Able to communicate in English
  • Can express opinions in English
  • Can read and write a certain amount in English
  • Graduated of Knock Knock Preschool (Regular/Full Day)
  • Graduated from another international preschool
  • Is a returnee from an English-speaking country

Program Fees

Admission 2024
Registration fee ¥44,000
(excl. ¥40,000)
Facility fee ¥21,120 / year
(excl. ¥19,200)
Material fee ¥13,200 / year
(excl. ¥12,000)
Renewal fee
Continuing Students
(excl. ¥8,400)
  • The above prices include tax.
  • Students moving up from Knock Knock Preschool only need to pay the renewal fee, facility fee, and materials fee. No enrollment fee is required.
International After School ¥68,200
(excl. ¥62,000)
  • The above prices include tax.
  • Maximum participation is 5 days per week. There is no make-up for missed classes.

Other courses and classes

Students naturally acquire English

Regular Course / 4.5 Hours

Students naturally acquire English through a full-length English course. Our goal is to nurture students who can communicate smoothly in English.

  • Age 2 - Nencho grade
  • 9:30~14:00
  • 3 days+ /wk
A fun after school English class for children attending kindergarten or daycare

After Kinder / 2.5 Hours

A fun after school English class for children attending kindergarten or daycare. In this class, we aim to help our students increase their English communicative abilities.

  • Age 3 - Nencho grade
  • 15:30~18:00
  • 1 day+ /wk
A full day English course

Full Day / 8.5 Hours

A full day English course. This course aims to have our students using their own words and developing their ability to speak and communicate in English.

  • Age 2 - Nencho grade
  • 9:30~18:00
  • 3 days+ /wk


Knock Knock Events

After School English / Orientation

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After School English / Orientation

Date: 4/9(火)・11(木)・12(金)・16(火)・18(木)・19(金)・23(火) 

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Become a Host Family

At Knock Knock, we encourage students to come into contact with foreign cultures and languages.

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